the flow

Follow the flow …this is the most profound meditation..most profound gospel. Instead of judging or reacting to anything, simply accept the flow as divine. Trust the paths that emerge from being present. Accept the flow that results from your co-created actions. Witness in awe the magic as your thoughts create opportunities. Consciously attend to positive thoughts and visions and cancel negative thoughts. Meditate on wonder and gratitude~~~

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Cricket summer

I am forever grateful for another day



energy in my mind

energy coming out of my mouth

energy coming towards me

energy moving away

I am grateful for the support and knowing someone cares

to learn from those who choose to steal, lie, or harm

to hear the crickets rythmically sounding

to have found someone who can help me feminifest my unique visions

for cool summer days reminding me of change and constant transformations

I am grateful for animals that are still with us on this planet

and who appear offering impressions

affecting my reflections

I am grateful

and noticing stillness

and another inhalation

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Tonight’s Medicine

When I feel full of thoughts orbiting

I inflate my belly as I draw in air from your nostrils

I Feel the energy beneath me

I Feel the energy in your weighted legsĀ  I heavy feet

Extending into the earth

I am Alchemy in motion

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Todays medicine

I Remember breath

I Reach my hands up and to the right and caress and down the energy flow of current-experiences and glide them past me away to the left

with gentleness and grace

and I breath…

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